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What happened to ItsTheGamerEdit?!

2015-06-30 18:34:27 by ItsTheGamerEdit


I'm sorry for the inactivity for the past weeks. Alot is happening even though it doesn't sound like it.

But right now i'm going to give you all an update on what's going on.

First things first. I'm already on holidays! Secondly, i haven't followed my schualde for releasing music, i know, i'm sorry. Music really isn't what i'm aiming for for when i'm older. I'm still currently 16. Game Development is where its at. I've already started developing my game AND the next trailor for it will be released soon. (it was suppose to be released June 15th but due to some issues i've had to put it on hold). I will release more music, don't worry about that. Just not as often.


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2015-07-01 01:14:36

Hey at least you know what you wanna do now. It's worth going through all the work and hassle to find what you're passionate about. Also don't worry about being inactive, I'm inactive at some point as well everyone else on this site lol, you just do you and we'll always be here yo ;)

ItsTheGamerEdit responds:

Thanks man. I've already figured out this from long ago. I do enjoy making music. Its sorta a side thing for me. A nice little hobby! :3