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Hey everyone! I've recently uploaded my new piece of music called "Base Dance"
I hope you all enjoy it.

Dance To Your Beat

2015-04-03 22:46:40 by ItsTheGamerEdit

Hey Everyone!

Today i've released "Dance To Your Beat"

It's a different genre to the usual mix that i've tried to make a big thing. It is still in the mix album. I hope you all enjoy it.

Shot (WIP title)

2015-02-16 01:03:00 by ItsTheGamerEdit

Shot is my very first game that i've started developing on. It is still really early in development and there is no release date planned at all for now. This has been created on my old computer which is why it's laggy. Hopefully this won't happen again. Sorry.

Hey!.. still busy.

2015-01-30 00:39:13 by ItsTheGamerEdit

I know, i haven't been on recently but school has started again. I'm still busy.



Piano's Base/More busy.

2014-11-01 23:29:30 by ItsTheGamerEdit

Hey guys!

My new music "Piano's Base" has been released. I tried very hard to make this one alot better than the old one. I had some free time so that's why i've created it.

Also as time goes on i'll be getting more and more busy. Like i said before i'll try to make more when i do have free time.

Hey guys.

I've been pretty busy and i've been unable to make music. Siorry. Once i get alot of free time, i'll make what i can with that time. But for now i won't be making music.

Hey everyone.

So i recently uploaded new music called "Tempting."

I'm taking music creating a bit more serious now as you can see. But i still enjoy making music. If you wanna listen to it. The link is here.

"Album goes live!" EDIT: On hold.

2014-09-18 05:27:15 by ItsTheGamerEdit

"Hey guys ItsTheGamerEdit here!
Well it's time, my new album called "Mixception" goes live!
I hope to bring you all more awesome Mix based music!"


Album is on hold. I need alot more music before i can make one. Plus i might mix it up with R&B or whatever i can think of. 

It has been forever. I've returned. I will make great music and later on once i know how, i'll make great games as well. :3

My Album goes live :)

2013-05-11 05:05:16 by ItsTheGamerEdit

Well i made my first proper audio and uploaded it
Also my album goes live with it :)
I hope u guys enjoy it :)