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He lives. Once more.

2016-09-23 04:42:45 by ItsTheGamerEdit

I can't leave Newgrounds forever.

I'm coming back baby!

Now that i graduated from high school, you can all expect new music in mid November onwards.

What lies ahead is live!

2015-08-15 05:08:00 by ItsTheGamerEdit

Hey everyone!
What lies ahead is now live! I hope you all enjoy it!


2015-08-14 05:36:33 by ItsTheGamerEdit

Expect new music tomorrow!


I'm sorry for the inactivity for the past weeks. Alot is happening even though it doesn't sound like it.

But right now i'm going to give you all an update on what's going on.

First things first. I'm already on holidays! Secondly, i haven't followed my schualde for releasing music, i know, i'm sorry. Music really isn't what i'm aiming for for when i'm older. I'm still currently 16. Game Development is where its at. I've already started developing my game AND the next trailor for it will be released soon. (it was suppose to be released June 15th but due to some issues i've had to put it on hold). I will release more music, don't worry about that. Just not as often.


Hey everyone i missed you all. It's been awhile i know. I do aplogoise. 

So here's a gift. It's Breathe!

I hope you all enjoy.

Busy with things. Sorry!

2015-06-03 02:57:54 by ItsTheGamerEdit

Hey everyone, i'm still alive.

I've been busy with alot of things. I promise i'll release new music this week. So yeah, sorry.

Hey everyone!
Today i present to you all "Looking Ahead!" I hope you all enjoy it. 

I'm now going to release new music every two weeks. It'll help me out alot if you guys don't mind. Thanks!

Hey everyone. Finally my music has been released after a long delay of problems. I hope this makes up for it. "Beneath"


2015-04-19 20:08:08 by ItsTheGamerEdit

Hey everyone. Just a quick update with what's going on. I'm having some problems with creating music. Nothing major but it is taking awhile. Sorry for not posting them very often.


2015-04-06 18:20:17 by ItsTheGamerEdit

Hey everyone! It's time for me to move to a different direction to making music. I present to you all... Explored!
I hope you all enjoy it.